Dr Linda Dale Bloomberg
(KDHSL 1976)

After finishing matric at King David Linksfield, Linda completed a BA Honours in Psychology at Wits, followed by two Masters degrees; one in Counseling Psychology, and one in Organizational Psychology. Following her studies she was employed by the South African Human Sciences Research Council and National Institute for Personnel Research, where she was a senior researcher focusing on change management, diversity initiatives, and enhanced workplace learning. In 2003 she completed a 3rd Master’s degree in Jewish education and in 2006 received a Doctorate in Leadership Development from Columbia University, New York.

Linda is a founder of Bloomberg Associates and ILIAD (Institute for Learning Innovations and Adult Development), and a cofounder of Columbia University’s Global Learning and Leadership Institute. For the past 9 years she has served as Outcomes Evaluation consultant for the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, where she evaluates the impact of over 27 organizations in Atlanta, Israel and Minsk, Belarus for purposes of funding allocations. She is adjunct faculty in adult learning and leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University, teaches qualitative research in various U.S. graduate programs, and currently serves as consultant to numerous research, higher education and non-profit advisory boards. She has authored and edited numerous publications in the fields of organizational evaluation, qualitative research, leadership development, adult learning and distance education.

“I attended King David Linksfield from nursery school to matric, and graduated in 1976. Prior to emigrating to the US my three children, Carla, Brent, and Adam all attended King David Sandton. King David made a significant impact on my life and my career. I will always be grateful for the incredible formal and informal Jewish education that I received at this truly unique school, for the experiences, insights and knowledge, and for the many treasured friendships that continue to this day. “