Professor Jeremy Coplan
(KDHSL 1977)

Jeremy Coplan is a Psychiatrist/Psychopharmacologist who is a Professor of Psychiatry at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY where he serves as Director of the Division of Neuropsychopharmacology and leads the Nonhuman Primate Facility Laboratory. His activities include Scientific Research, Academic Teaching and Clinical Practice specializing in the management of treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders. After completing his Psychiatric Residency in 1989, he was awarded a National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship in Psychopharmacology at Columbia University. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles and in 2003 was recognized by Thomson Reuter’s Web of Science as the Most Improved Scientist for Scientific Citations in Psychiatry and Psychology.

Jeremy views his education at KDHS as an essential building block for his academic career and is deeply grateful to his teachers – Doc Thomas, Rose Cohen, Mr Wolf, Mrs Benjamin, Mr Simpson and many others — for serving to nurture his intellectual curiosity.