Joanne Fedler 
(KDVP 1985)

After leaving King David, Joanne Fedler got her LLM from Yale and set up a legal advocacy centre to end violence against women. After immigrating to Australia in 2001, she began writing and is now the author of six books, including The Dreamcloth (Jacana Media, 2005), Things Without A Name (Allen & Unwin, 2008), When Hungry, Eat (Allen & Unwin, 2010), The Reunion, (2012), the international bestseller Secret Mothers’ Business (Allen & Unwin, 2006) and most recently, It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard: the secrets to finding and keeping intimacy (Random House, 2012) co-authored with her friend Graeme Friedman. She is also a motivational speaker and creative writing facilitator. Together with Women’s Own Adventure, she takes women on writing adventures in exotic destinations like Tuscany and Bali.

Picture courtesy of Richard Weinstein