David Andrew Frankel

Venture capitalist and co-founder of Boston basedfoundercollective.com and Internet Solutions (KDHSL 1988)

I find it difficult to express adequately my sense of gratitude to the King David school system for the part it played in my formative years.

I recall with pride my very happy schooldays at King David High School Linksfield that both inspired and nurtured my academic advancement, and developed my interests in a wide spectrum of other activities. I pay tribute to the teaching staff and general school ambience that fostered liberal thinking, and offered my contemporaries and me an education not confined to rigid syllabus but instead, one imbued with a hidden curriculum of Jewish values and ethics.

My more recent involvement in my professional career with the South African Board of Jewish Education is testimony to my complete faith in a magnificent schooling system and to my commitment to ensuring that future generations will be offered the excellent education I was privileged to receive.