Doron Grosman
(KDHSL 1992) 

Doron Grosman is a partner at Court Square Capital, a New York based private equity firm. Previously he served as President, Hexcel Corp and President, Quebecor Magazine Printing Solutions both New York Stock Exchange companies. Doron successfully turned around both businesses. After graduating with a Master of Science in Engineering from Wits and a MBA from Harvard Business School, Doron started his career at the management consulting firm Bain & Company and then spent eleven years in various senior executive roles in the plastics division of General Electric, culminating in leading the Americas Engineering Plastics business. Before joining Quebecor he was Chief Operating Officer of the Trane Commercial Air Conditioning business. Doron was head boy at Victory Park in 1975, co-chaired the committee that organized the first two North American King David alumni reunions and remains actively engaged in supporting the Dor le Dor campaign in the greater New York metropolitan area.