Professor Jonathan Lewis
(KDHSVP 1975)

Dr. Jonathan Lewis is Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and executive Chairman of Ziopharm Oncology, a cancer biotech in New York, Boston, Germantown, and San Diego progressing several programs and developing new treatments for people with cancer. Prior to this he served as Professor of both Surgery and Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell Medical School. He was co-chief resident in surgery with the late Margret Oddsdottir at Yale. He has been actively involved in leading translational and clinical research in cancer globally and has helped develop several new treatments in cancer. He has received and successfully raised more than a half a Billion Dollars in Cancer Research and Development Funding. He has received numerous honors and awards in medicine and science, including the ASCO Young Investigator Award, the Kristen Carr Fellowship, the Yale University Ohse Award, the Royal College of Surgeons Trubshaw Medal, the AACR Molecular Mechanism Fellowship, and the Sarcoma Foundation of America Hope and Vision Award. He served as Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Medical Board at Antigenics. He has served as a Director on several private and public companies and currently serves as a Director on the Board of POPPA (the Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance) of the New York Police Department (NYPD) on the Medical Advisory Board of the Sarcoma Foundation of America, on the Board of the Combat Wound Iniative Program at Walter Reed and as Chairman of the Board of the Hope Funds for Cancer Research.