Gail Louw
(KDHSL 1968)

 My career has followed a rather zig-zag route, but I spent ten years working as a Principle Lecturer and Public Health Programme Leader in the Postgraduate Medical School in Brighton, UK. Although I had completed a PhD in 1994 in Organisational Informatics, I had never worked in that field. During my period at the university, I undertook a year’s part time course in dramatic writing. I continued to write and work simultaneously until the time I began to write full time.

I have had nine plays produced. My play Blonde Poison is perhaps the most well known and has had five different productions throughout the world, most recently at the Sydney Opera House (studio) in Australia in May 2016. It has also been performed in many cities in America including Los Angeles, and will be on at the Grahamstown Arts Festival Main Stage in July 2016. Other plays have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and throughout the UK. My play Miss Dietrich Regrets was on in Johannesburg in June 2015 and won a Naledi Theatre Award for Best Actress. I have won an Argus Angel Award for Artistic Excellence (2012) and Best New Play at the Brighton Festival (2014). I have had two books published by Oberon Books, including a collection of four plays. Another collection is in discussion at this time.

Four teachers from my time at KDHS have had an impact on my life. Mrs Zampetakis and Mr Dinner provided a sense of a different South African, far more exciting and cosmopolitan than the norm. I remember Mr Pearce and Mr Laurie with affection.