Pam Sonnenberg
(KDHSVP 1983)

Pam Sonnenberg is Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at UCL (University College London)
where she is co-Director of the Centre for Population Research in Sexual Health and HIV in the
Institute for Global Health. Pam trained in medicine and infectious diseases at Wits and moved to
the UK in 1997. She completed a PhD in Epidemiology on “Classical and molecular epidemiological
studies of tuberculosis in the South African gold mines”. As a clinically-trained academic in public
health and infectious disease epidemiology, her research career has focused on areas of public
health priority: Tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, TB/HIV coinfection, sexual health and STIs – in the UK
and in South Africa. Pam leads multi-disciplinary teams that develop and evaluate complex
interventions, such as the novel use of mobile eHealth technologies in the diagnosis and treatment
of infections.
On her time at King David, she says that “My years at King David Victory Park opened up my mind to
critical thinking – an attribute essential for my research and which I strive to instil in my students.”