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From the Wolf’s Mouth – From the Archives

A few weeks ago I received from a thoughtful colleague an article that she had come across in a monthly periodical called The South African TATLER in the school archives of Roedean School. The periodical is dated March 1963 and is priced at 25 cents! The article, found in the section of the periodical entitled Leading Schools of South Africa and written by Patricia Storrar, describes the early years of King David High School Linksfield.  For obvious reasons it proved riveting reading for me, and I think could be of interest to many of you.  It is charmingly written and so well described the early years of the school.

To give you an idea of the style of writing, let me quote from the second paragraph, which so elegantly describes the school’s setting: At the very entrance to the King David High School Linksfield, the visitor is struck by the first of unusual contrasts which makes this – a Jewish co-educational day school – different from any other in the country.  One enters first the walled courtyard of a magnificent old house, built in traditional Cape Dutch style, complete with gables and heavy teak shutters. The administrative offices of the school are housed in this beautiful building. Then one emerges on the north side of the house into an area surrounded by modern buildings, as streamlined and functional as any in the country, yet blending harmoniously with the traditional lines of the house. The house, which formerly belonged to Mrs Hilda Mark, (whom I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting in the early seventies) is perfect in every detail.

The article continues with a description of the school day, starting with shacharit prayers and a comment about the school uniform with the boys having to wear straw “bashers”! That amusing comment caught my attention, because I remember discussing this with Professor Robert Lawrence, head prefect in 1966, when I visited Boston last year.  Robert informed me that it was he who managed to convince Mr Norman Sandler, the pioneering headmaster of the school and my predecessor, to dispense with that symbol of British “colonialism”. Did Robert, perhaps, initiate the current, popular wave of protest?  Mention was made of Mr Eddie Tannenbaum, Vice Principal and Maths cognoscente, Lorna Behrman, Peewee Pearce, and Pearl Benater, early stalwarts who made their mark in various aspects of school organisation and sport.  I remember them all with great respect and admiration.  I enjoyed the mention of “Miss” Goss, daughter of the Rabbi Isaac Goss, Director of the SA Board of Jewish Education, who was the first alumna of this school to return as a teacher, a practice at the school that was followed, thankfully, by so many others in later years.

According to the article visitors to the school in those days were apparently curious about the unusually high proportion of “colours” blazers worn by the students. The explanation given was that such awards are not confined only to sport but are used for academic and cultural activities, such as drama, debating, public speaking, etc. I had not realised that this was not the general practice at other schools in those early days, and feel proud that King David proved the trend-setter for awards of this kind in other schools.

Let me conclude this nostalgic exercise with the idealistic prophecy towards the end of the article, which imaginatively describes the view from the top floor corridor of the West Wing, the view across the rugby field and the golf course towards Sandringham Gardens. This view has a particular significance for it reminds the staff and students of the school that the ideal of service to others, to the aged and the whole community, is kept constantly before them, both literally and figuratively. When I read this, I could not help but think of Michael Sieff, (matric class of 1989) and present CEO of the Chevra Kadisha Group, Gary Herbert (matric class 1986) and others, who epitomise this ideal in its highest form. I was reminded, too, of the community leadership in Sydney where former students, like Yair Miller (matric class 1994) is President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies with many others in leading positions, of the amazing work of Jean Judes nee Epstein (matric 1972) in Israel at the Beit Issie Shapiro.  Forgive me for not mentioning the many others whose contribution to their communities is exceptional but the list is endless.  We can all certainly be very proud that our alumni have become leaders in their communities throughout the world, and I feel sure that their education at King David played a major part in heightening their civic consciences.

Best wishes.

Elliot Wolf

Miss M.L. Goss, an “old girl” of the school and now a teacher of Hebrew, watches Arta Zygielbaum at the blackboard

Senior girls playing netball

Dynamic Davidian – Dr. Jonathan Ringo (KDHSL 1985)

Dynamic Davidian – Dr. Jonathan Ringo (KDHSL 1985)

The KDSF is constantly on the lookout for Dynamic Davidians – alumni who have been hugely successful in their chosen careers and whom we can proudly claim as our own. If you are a Dynamic Davidian or know of any, please let us know! sassens@kdsf.org

This month we feature Dr Jonathan Ringo (KDHSL 1985) who was recently elected as President and Chief Operating Officer of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.

 Dr. Jonathan Ringo (KDHSL 1985)

Jonathan Ringo, M.D. is the president and chief operating officer of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.  Sinai Hospital has over 500 beds and is the flagship member of the “LifeBridge Health” health system.

Dr. Ringo joined the organization in 2014, from Northwell Health System in New York, as the system’s first Chief Medical Information Officer and was also appointed as Vice President of Clinical Transformation. Dr Ringo has focused on closing the gap in the communities’ health disparities while developing centres of excellence, strengthening financial and quality outcomes.

Dr. Ringo is board-certified in obstetrics and gynaecology, and continues to practise as a labourist at Sinai Hospital’s Labour and Delivery unit, as well as working at the medical practice of Sinai Community care.  Dr Ringo attended college at Brandeis University and earned his medical degree from the International University of Health Sciences.  He served as the administrative chief resident of Sinai Hospital during his medical training.

Dr. Ringo has received numerous awards and recognitions in research and teaching, including the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in both 2010 and 2012.

On his time at King David, he says “I shall always be deeply grateful to King David High School for the foundational experience I had, not only from an educational perspective, but for the fellowship, comradery and all round personal growth. My memories of Kind David both in and out of the classroom are happy ones, of days enriched with academic and intellectual challenges. It is a tribute to Mr. Wolf and his entire staff that so many Davidian’s have travelled far and wide yet remain a source of pride to not only their local community but to the South African Jewish community as well.”

Win a Trip to See South Africa’s Big 5!

In support of our annual Samanatha Amy Brest Fundraiser, the KDSF is selling tickets to win an incredible bush getaway to the exclusive Dulini Game Reserve within the SABI Sands.

The prize, which is valued at over R100 000 has been generously sponsored by a donor, and includes:

  • Three night stay for two people at one of the exclusive Dulini Collection properties
  • Flights to Nelspruit, transfers to Dulini
  • All meals
  • Two game drives per day

1 entry R5003 entries R100010 entries R2500

To enter visit https://kdsf.org/dulini-big-5-competition before 29 June. Winner will be announced 30 June.




KDSF Women’s Day Event

Women have the power to effect change!

SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday 9th August from 9:30am for an energising and uplifting morning celebrating women – the battery packs for our families, our school and our world – with an with an inspiring international guest speaker

Details to follow!

King David High School Linksfield #MadForPads Campaig

As part of the annual #MatricGivesBack initiative at King David High School Linksfield (KDHSL), matric students from the class of 2017 ran a #MadForPads campaign to collect sanitary pads for the girls at Mapetla High School in Soweto, to ensure that these students are able to stay in school during their menstrual cycles.

Female learners in underprivileged areas miss up to 40 days of school each year because they lack the sufficient resources to stay healthy and hygienic during their menstrual cycle each month.

During May, over 360 girls in Grade 8-12 at Mapetla High School were given sufficient sanitary pads to keep them in school for the rest of the 2017 school year. The sanitary pads were collected by students at King David High School Linksfield from generous donors, with additional funding from Boikanyo – the Dion Herson Foundation and the King David Schools’ Foundation as part of their Outreach initiative.

Alex Cohen, a matric student at KDHSL involved in the #MadForPads campaign said “We know that these pads will go a long way in these girls’ lives, bringing comfort, hygiene and confidence to them as well as preventing them from missing school! We thank our sponsors, our school pupils and our Matric group for all their time, effort and generous donations!”

To find out more about the #MadForPads campaign or to donate to this worthy cause, please contact Shane Bassin on shane.bassin@gmail.com


Alumni in the News

The KDSF is thrilled to introduce a new feature to our newsletter, which includes snippets of information about our alumni in the recent news.  Please send us any articles on alumni you think would be of interest and will be happy to feature them in the next newsletter: sassens@kdsf.org

Laurence Sacks (KDHSL 1981) was awarded the Keter Shem Tov Award at a Gala Dinner on 16th May2017 by the Aish Thornhill Community Shul. The award is given to honour members of the congregation for philanthropy or volunteer service and is given to members who have contributed to their congregation.  This year Aish Thornhill Community Shul decided to honour South Africans for their contribution.

Sharon Judelman Saks (KDHSL 1990) was awarded the ‘Teacher of the Year’ at Yeshiva Ohr Eliyahu in Los Angeles and will be honoured at their end of year banquet in June. Sharon is the Director of the Department of Visual Arts

Professor Jeffrey Max (KDHSL 1976), a Board Certified General Psychiatrist as well as a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the University of California, was awarded a five year $3million grant from National Institutes of Health to study traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents using magnetoencephalography

Daniella (Roman) Crankshaw (KDHSL 1983) was featured in the latest WITSReview with her husband Grant for their romantic meeting during their student days in the Drama School.  They gave been living in Israel since 1997 where they run a successful theatre company Desert Rose Productions.

Dr. Beth Goldblatt (KDHSL 1985) featured in WITSReview for her recently published book Developing the Right to Social Security – A Gender Perspective.  The book researches the context of gender-related poverty in South Africa, India and Australia, and the need for addressing the right to social security. Beth is an Associate Professor at the University of Technology in Sydney and an Honorary Senior Fellow of Wits School of Law.

The death of Dr Cyril Evian (KDHSL 1965), in Philadelphia was featured in the latest WITSReview. Cyril ( ??? ) will be remembered as an outstanding practitioner and teacher in periodontics and implant surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. In his memory his family has set up an education fund for worthy dental students with the intention of making education, his “obligation”, as Cyril formerly expressed it, now his gift.  It is fitting to remember a comment that Cyril once made to his students: “Whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears”

Dr. Norman Rosenthal (KDHSL 1967) received the Lifetime in Service to the Public’s Health award during the National Night of Laughter and Song event hosted by the David Lynch Foundation during June.

At a recent graduation ceremony of the University of the Witwatersrand two celebrated Davidians were much in the limelight.  Dr Maurice Goodman (KDHSL 1977), who is the President of the Wits Convocation, had the honour to “hood” Adrian Gore (KDHSL 1981), past chairman of the SABJE and present chairman of the King David Schools’ Foundation, with an honorary Doctorate in Economics.  At the prestigious ceremony Maurice humorously remarked that he was Adrian’s prefect at KDHS Linksfield in 1981, and that it was his leadership example that set Adrian, the CEO of Discovery Health, where Maurice has been employed for the past twenty years, on the right track!

Leave a Legacy

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We loving hearing about your simchas and apologise if we have unintentionally left anyone out.

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