Gary Sacks
(KDHSL 1982)

Gary Sacks is the Founder and Managing Director of The City and Docklands Group. After matriculating from King David Linksfield in 1982, Gary completed a B.Comm at Wits. After university, he went to the UK and started a furniture store in London. In order to drum up business, he started selling furniture to estate agents and landlords of rental properties. This was his third education after King David and Wits. Taking advantage of a bull market, he started to invest in property and built up a large private development business concentrating on larger scale developments in London. The business has since transitioned to a private landlord business with a portfolio of 840 residential units as well as 200 000 sq ft of commercial property and 170 employees. The company also invests in Proptech and Fintech start-ups.
Gary is married to Lindsay and has 4 sons, ranging through 14 to 22. His eldest, Jake, has just graduated at UCLA whilst number 2, Alex is at Bristol. Kyle and Edward are both still at school.
He is a Trustee of Norwood, the largest Jewish disability charity in the UK with a turnover of £45 Million as well as Grief Encounters, which takes care of bereaved families.
Lessons that Gary has learned:
It is all about the children
Always give back
Never give up
The tough times are to ensure you appreciate the good times when they return

Gary firmly believes that King David was the foundation to his growth and is extremely grateful to maths teacher Mrs Barclay, who although frightening, did teach him to think through numbers quickly.