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Debbie Seeff

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I wear many hats (and head scarves and sheitels – but more about those another time). I am fortunate to wear the hat of wife and mother, daughter, sister, niece and aunty, teacher & educator, friend, confidante, community member, eternal student… I wear these all with equal measures of gratitude, pride and humility.

Yet all these hats are covered by one larger hat, a unifying and all-encompassing one, the one that shapes my identity, defines my purpose and guides my decisions – I wear the hat of a committed, religious Orthodox woman. I believe being born a Jewish woman is by far the greatest gift I have ever been given, and the choice to adhere to its laws and customs to the best of my ability, the greatest choice I have ever made. In a world where religion is so often associated with rules and restrictions, I find complete liberation and actualization in choosing to be a servant of my Maker. I find it humbling to know I am in His presence at all times and comforting knowing He has a plan. In this crazy COVID world – we are being challenged in so many ways and need to find ways to guide us through this darkness. As always, I believe that the Torah can help us achieve this.

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