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Lesley Anne Gatter

Lesley Anne Gatter Story

What did you study?

I studied psychology at Wits and completed my Masters in Psychology. I didn’t actually study industrial or organisational psychology but focused on counselling and researched psychological trauma throughout my studies.

What work do you do and why did you choose this path?

I initially taught psychology which I so enjoyed and then, in parallel worked in various trauma clinics and NGOs counselling, training and offering support to women and children who had been survivors of violence and abuse. I remain passionate about the Gender Agenda, inclusion & belonging, and would hope I am a strong advocate for women. I am now the Head of People at Investec and lead learning for the Group, globally. I don’t know if I chose this so much as I stumbled into an amazing opportunity to be part of a very special organisation and have loved the work and the organisation for which I am so grateful.

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