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Sharon Spiegel Wagner

Sharon Spiegel Wagner Story

What did you study?

I studied a Dramatic Arts degree Hons at Wits university. I also completed a Bachelor in Psychology Hons through Wits and Unisa. I have two associate teaching diplomas from trinity college London-in dramatic art and musical theatre. And I’d like to do my masters either in psychology or dramatic art someday. Or maybe in both if I’ve got enough courage and time!

What work do you do and why did you choose this path?

This path chose me. It was a way of life for me from the day I could express myself creatively and artistically. I was always found to be flourishing in the area of the arts, gravitating towards music and theatre. I’ve often contemplated my career choice because the challenges of this world of performance require a very thick skin which is a trait that I do not naturally own. But no matter what, I still find myself leaning towards this area of work. It’s my passion. It makes me feel alive and it makes me believe in something.

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