King David High School Victory Park

At King David High School Victory Park, our foremost priority is to educate tomorrow’s leaders by infusing them with the life skills to master the challenges posed by an ever-changing world.

To produce young people with the confidence to shape the future, our educators view each member of our student body as a unique individual. Being a relatively small school, we are able to rediscover and nurture the strengths and talents of each one of our students. At the same time we are large enough to offer our students the advantages of an all-encompassing education that provides them with a wide subject choice, as well as a diverse range of sporting and cultural opportunities. The infrastructure of the King David Victory Park family-like environment facilitates the essential one-on-one tuition and hands-on coaching, which allows everyone to thrive. We pride ourselves on being able to provide everyone with a chance to participate in the classroom, on the sports field, socially and culturally. We strive for participation that encourages meaningful personal relationships, teamwork, and commitment to causes beyond the attainment of individual prestige.

Why King David High School Victory Park? We believe that achievement is not solely defined by the attainment of high marks. Here at Victory Park, we measure achievement by the emotional, social and spiritual well-being of our students. Being part of our close-knit, Jewish student community instils our young people with a sense of identity, a feeling of belonging, and above all a powerful sense of self-worth. Our consistently impressive academic, sporting and cultural results highlight our ability to deliver a quality education that equips our students with that all-important competitive edge, which enables them to excel in every sphere of life.

The Judaic Aspect: To face the future, to make an impact as a Jewish adult, it is essential to know, respect and be proud of the past. In our continuous pursuit of excellence in Hebrew and Judaic studies, and our commitment to upholding Jewish traditions and values, we strive to ensure that our students are infused with the pride in their heritage that encourages them to forge an indestructible connection to Jewish communal causes and the State of Israel. By commemorating our national and religious Holy Days within the daily and weekly curriculum and participating in uniquely Jewish experiences such as Shabbatonim, Encounter and the Israel Quiz, we teach our students that being Jewish permeates every aspect of life and living.

Academic curriculum: In a competitive era of unprecedented change, we believe that a well-rounded education must be focused on equipping students with the skills and knowledge to make the informed choices that will help them to shape the future. A school can only do this, if instead of providing the answers, it teaches and encourages its students to ask the right questions. Here at Victory Park, we give our young adults an education for living – designed for today with an eye on tomorrow. The progressive educational process, which we deliver, is broad and innovative. It offers a wide range of subject choices, including music, art, dance and drama and provides a balance of Judaic education and secular instruction that makes it possible for our students to deal with rapidly changing circumstances intellectually, spiritually, morally and emotionally. Our dedicated members of staff represent our human intellectual capital. Their knowledge, commitment and expertise are evidenced in our consecutive, year-after-year 100% pass rate and leading Grade 12 results in the IEB Senior Certificate.

Acting Head of School

Bruce Nozaic