Expansion of our Learning Programme
‘When you teach your child, you teach your child’s child.’ Talmud
A first class learning programme is essential to academic excellence. The KDSF aims to raise funds to support the following projects:

Introduction of Three New Hebrew Curricula

Hebrew skills and the teaching and learning of Hebrew as a spoken language have improved tremendously over the past three years by incorporating overseas programmes from America and Israel. The King David Schools aim to maintain this consistent level of improvement.

Leadership Training for Teachers and Learners

The Leader-in-Me programme is an ongoing course provided by a qualified outsourced team to provide important leadership training and vital life-skills to both our educator and learner body. The KDSF will continue to support this necessary programme.

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is paramount to Jewish education. A new curriculum, which incorporates the Beit Midrash programme for textual study, in partnership with the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, and the history and philosophy track, in conjunction with the Hebrew University in Israel, is being developed. Numerous interactive and informative programmes supporting Jewish tradition, heritage and culture are being introduced, and the KDSF embraces the opportunity to raise funds for this essential programme.

Sports Development

The upgrading of sport facilities and the employment of well-trained coaches will provide opportunities for sporting excellence and general physical well-being.

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