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The King David Schools’ Foundation provides the platform to help facilitate the organisation of Reunions. If you would like to organise a High School reunion and reconnect with old classmates please contact Gila Glazer: help make your reunion magical. See what reunions have already been scheduled.

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The KDSF is well known for its variety of professional, fun and entertaining fund-raising events, from golf days to sporting evenings to cocktail parties to concerts and more.

We also host reunions and hold an annual fund-raiser for the Samantha Amy Brest Endowment Fund.

To see past events have a look at our photo galleries.

KDSF Newsletter December 2018

KDSF Newsletter December 2018 space 1. From the Wolf’s Mouth - A Trip of Bittersweet Memories 2. A Wrap Up of the Year - Raelene Tradonsky 3. Reflections from 70th Anniversary Celebration in New York City             I. Message from David Frankel (KDHSL 1988), KDSF...

KDSF Newsletter September 2018

KDSF Newsletter September 2018 space 1. From the Wolf’s Mouth - Think of Others 2. Dynamic Davidian – Professor Bonita Meyersfeld (KDHSL 1993) 3. Are you a Dynamic Davidian? 4. Seven Stories High – a Night Celebrating 70 Years of King David Schools 5. Celebrating...

KDSF Newsletter May 2018

KDSF Newsletter February 2018 space 1. From the Wolf’s Mouth - Spring Pleasures in New York 2. Dynamic Davidian – Dr Brendan Gaylis (KDHSL 1977) 3. Are you a Dynamic Davidian? 4. King David Linksfield 40 Year Reunion in New York City by Reeva Goldberg Milstein 5....

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