Enhanced Development of our Teaching Programme

From all my teachers I have gained understanding” psalm 119

In line with the King David Schools’ philosophy of attracting and retaining excellent teachers and providing them with the best curricula and the most appropriate facilities, funds raised by the KDSF will be earmarked for the following projects:

Teacher Development

A “Teacher Development Fund” will be established to ensure ongoing training and professional development of the King David Schools’ teachers, so that teachers are afforded further degree study opportunities and access to overseas courses.

Master Teachers

It is international best practice to introduce a Master Teacher or instructional leader for a specific subject in order to improve teacher expertise as well as curriculum development. A Master Maths teacher has already been appointed for the King David Schools and the current development plans include attracting Master Literacy and Master Science teachers.

Exposure to Advanced Technology

The uses of advanced technology and exposing learners to excellent teachers in larger groups have proved very beneficial. The King David Schools aim to be pioneers in this field.

A New Remedial Centre

An awareness of the needs of learners with learning difficulties has prompted the introduction of a curriculum for such learners in our schools, with the long term vision of mainstreaming these children. The KDSF is committed to funding such a programme.

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