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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

As at June 2021 / Version 1.0

We respect your privacy. This is a summary of our privacy policy and contains the most important and relevant points for you.


Welcome to our privacy policy. We are the King David Schools’ Foundation (KDSF), NPO no. 005-644; PBO no. 930013716 and this is our plan of action when it comes to protecting your privacy. We respect your privacy and take the protection of personal information very seriously. The purpose of this policy is to describe the way we collect, store, use, and protect information that can be associated with you, or another specific natural or juristic person and can be used to identify you or that person (personal information) The purpose of this policy is to describe the way that we handle your personal information.


This policy applies to you if you are:

  • A visitor to our website; or
  • A current, past or present student or parent of any school under SABJE umbrella
  • A potential student or parent who has requested the services we provide
  • A donor
This policy applies to you under certain circumstances.

Personal Information

Personal information includes:

  • Certain information that we collect automatically when you visit our website:
  • Certain information collected on registration ( see below);
  • Certain information collected on submission; and
  • Optional information that you provide to us voluntarily (see below);

But excludes:

  • Information that has been made anonymous so that it does not identify a specific person;
  • Permanently de-identified information that does not relate or cannot be traced back to you specifically;
  • Non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by us; and
  • Information that you have provided voluntarily in an open, public environment or forum including any blog, chat room, community chat, classifieds, or discussion board ( because the information has been disclosed in a public forum, it is no longer confidential and does not constitute personal information subject to protection under this policy).
Personal information includes information we collect (i) automatically when you visit our website, (ii) on registration, (iii) on submission, and (iv) from you voluntarily. It excludes (i) anonymous, (ii) de-identified, (iii) non- personal statistical, and (iv) public information.

Common Examples

Common examples of the types of personal information which we may collect and process include  your:

  • Identifying information – such as your name, date of birth, or identification number of any kind; matric year, school attended
  • Contact information– such as your phone number or email address;
  • Address information– such as your physical or postal address; or
  • Demographic information– such as your gender or marital status.

Sensitive personal information

Depending on what you require, we may also collect sensitive personal information including your:

  • Financial information- such as your bank account details; donation history for SARS Section 18 (A) reporting purposes.
  • Sensitive demographic information- such as your race or ethnicity.
  • Employment information – including your membership of a trade union.


Acceptance required

You must accept all the terms of this policy when you request our services. If you do not agree with anything in this policy, then you may not request our services.

You may not request our services if you do not accept this policy.

Legal capacity

You may not access our website  or request our services if you are younger than 18 years old or do not have legal capacity to conclude legally binding contracts.

Deemed acceptance

By accepting this policy, you are deemed to have read, understood, accepted, and agreed to be bound by all of its terms.

Your obligations

You may only send us your own personal information or the information of another data subject where you have their permission to do so.


We may change the terms of this policy at any time by updating this web page. We will notify you of any changes by placing a notice in a prominent place on the website or by sending you an email detailing the changes that we have made and indicating the date that they were last updated. If you do not agree with the changes, then you must stop using this website and our services. If you continue to use the website following notification of a change to the terms, the changed terms will apply to you and you will be deemed to have accepted those updated terms.


On registration

Once you register on our website, you will no longer be anonymous to us. You will provide us with certain personal information when you register on our website.

This personal information will include:

  • Your name and surname;
  • Your email address;
  • Your telephone number;
  • Your company name, company registration number, and VAT number;
  • Your postal address or street address; and
  • Your user name and password.

We will use this personal information to provide additional services and information to you as we reasonably think appropriate, and for any other purposes set out in this policy.

We collect certain information on registration, when you register on our website.

On order or request

When you request services from us, you will be asked to provide us with additional information on a voluntary basis .

We collect certain information when you request our services from us.

From browser

We automatically receive and record internet usage information on our server logs from your browser, such as your Internet Protocol address (IP address), browsing habits , click patterns, versions of software installed, system type, screen resolutions, colour capabilities, plug-ins, language settings, cookie preferences,, search engine keywords, JavaScript enablement, the content and pages that you access on the website, and the dates and times that you visit the website, paths taken, and time spent on sites and pages within the website (usage information) . Please note that other websites visited before entering our website might place personal information within your URL during a visit to it, and we have no control over such websites. Accordingly, a subsequent website that collects URL information may log some personal information

We collect certain information from your web browser, including your Internet usage information when you visit our website.

Subjects and Categories of records held at King David Schools’ Foundation 100 Club Street

  • Registration forms- school reunions
  • Correspondence
  • Minutes of meetings
  • General Correspondence
  • Industrial and Labour Relations Records
  • Information relating to Health and Safety Regulations
  • Personnel Guidelines, Policies and Procedures
  • Remuneration Records and Policies
  • School Reports
  • Contracts
  • Marketing Records
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Asset register
  • Budgets
  • Financial Transactions
  • Insurance Information
  • Management Accounts
  • Purchase and Order Information
  • Tax Records ( company and employee)
  • IT Policies and Procedures
  • Statutory Records ( include as there may be information you need to keep in terms of Law)
Subjects and Categories of Personal Records Held at King David Schools’ Foundation 100 Club Street
  • Identity Numbers
  • Dates of Birth
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical and or Postal Addresses
  • Banking Details
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Next of Kin Details
  • Dependent Details
Employee Information Received by SABJE
  • Current or past employee of SABJE and position held
IT Practices
  • Software Updates

Cookie Notice

Our online platform and mobile app use cookies. Insofar as those cookies are not strictly necessary for the provision of our online platform, we will ask you to consent to our use of cookies when you first visit our online platform.

About Cookies

We may place small text files called “cookies” on your device when you visit our website. These files do not contain personal information but do contain a personal identifier allowing us to associate your personal information with a certain device.  A cookie is a file containing an identifier ( a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. These files serve a number of useful purposes for you, including:

  • tailoring our website’s functionality to you personally by letting us remember your preferences;
  • improving how our website performs;
  • allowing third parties to provide services to our website; and  
  • helping us deliver targeted advertising where appropriate in compliance with the applicable laws.

Your internet browser generally accepts cookies automatically, but you can often change this setting to stop accepting them. You can also delete cookies manually. However, no longer accepting cookies or deleting them will prevent you from accessing certain aspects of our website where cookies are necessary. Many websites use cookies and you can find out more about them at

We collect certain information from cookies that we may send to your computer to try and give you a personalized experience.

Cookies may be either “persistent” cookies or “session” cookies: a persistent cookie will be stored by a web browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date unless deleted by the user before the expiry date; a session cookie on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user session, when the web browser is closed.

Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a user, but personal information that we store about you may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies

Why we use Cookies

We use cookies for the following purposes:
  • Authentication- we use cookies to identify you when you visit our online platform and as you navigate our online platform;
  • Status- we use cookies to help us to determine if you are logged into our online platform:
  • Personalisation – we use cookies to store information about your preferences and to personalize our online platform for you;
  • Advertising – we use cookies to help us to display advertisements that will be relevant to you;
  • Analysis – we use cookies to help us to analyse the use and performance of our online platform and services.
  • Accuracy – we use cookies to help us ensure our records are complete and up to date.

The information which we may passively collect from your device may include your identifying information, contact details, device and device event information, site activity information, log information, telephone log information, location information, unique application numbers also known as a KDSF donor number and any other information which you may permit us, from time to time, to passively collect from your device.

The names of these cookies change from time to time and sometimes session to session. If you have a query about a specific cookie, please contact us with the name and value of the cookie so that we can identify its purpose.

Third party cookies

Some of our business partners use their own cookies or widgets on our website. We have no access to or control over them. Information collected by any of those cookies or widgets is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created it, and not by us.

Cookies used by our Service Providers

Our service providers use cookies and those cookies may be stored on your computer when you visit our online platform.

The names of these cookies change from time to time and sometimes from session to session. If you have a query about a specific cookie, please contact us with the name and value of the cookie so that we can identify its purpose.

Any questions? Please contact Andrea Nussbaum the Information Officer at or on +27 11 480 4753 or the KDSF IT Department on +27 11 480 4723.

Managing Cookies

Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies and to delete cookies. The methods for doing so vary from browser to browser, and from version to version. You can however obtain up-to-date information about blocking and deleting cookies via these links:

How to clear browser cache/history/cookies in Opera

Delete and manage cookies in Internet Explorer

Protect your privacy in Mozilla Firefox

Manage cookies and website data in Safari

Microsoft Edge browsing data, and privacy

T’s & Cs  PAIA  Privacy  Responsible Disclosure   Disclaimer

Web beacons

Our website may contain electronic image requests ( called a single-pixel gif or web beacon request) that allow us to count page views and to access cookies. Any electronic image viewed as part of a web page ( including an ad banner) can act as a web beacon. Our web beacons do not collect, gather , monitor or share any of your personal information. We merely use them to compile anonymous information about our website.

Optional details

You may also provide additional information to us on a voluntary basis (optional information). This includes content that you decide to upload or download from our website or when you respond to surveys or otherwise use the optional features and functionality of our website.

Purpose for collection

We may use or process optional information that you provide to us for the purposes that you indicated when you agreed to provide it to us. Processing includes gathering your personal information for various purposes, including:

  • Goods or services purposes – such as collecting requests for and providing services;
  • Marketing purposes- such as pursuing lawful marketing activities;
  • Business purposes- such as internal audit, accounting, business planning, or other propose or actual transactions; and
  • Legal purposes – such as handling claims, complying with regulations, or pursuing good governance.
We may use your usage  information for the purposes described above and to :
  • Remember your information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you access the website;
  • Monitor website usage metrics such as total number of visitors and pages accessed; and
  • Track your entries, submissions, and status in activities in connection with your usage of the website.

Consent to collection

We will obtain your consent to collect personal information:
  • In accordance with applicable law;
  • When you provide us with any registration information or optional information.


Our obligations

We may use your personal information to fulfill our obligations to you.

Messages and updates

We may send administrative messages and emails updates to you about the website. In some cases, we may also send you primarily promotional messages. You can choose to opt-out of promotional messages. OR we may send administrative messages and email updates to you about the website. We may wish to provide you with information about services in which we think you may be interested. This means that in some cases, we may also send you primarily promotional messages. We will not send you promotional messages unless you have chosen to opt-into them. But, we may send you one message asking you to opt-into promotional messages without you having opted-into promotional messages.

Targeted content

While you are logged into the website, we may display targeted adverts and other relevant information based on your personal information. In a completely automated process, computers process the personal information and match it to adverts or related information. We never share personal information with any advertiser, unless you specifically provide us with your consent to do so. Advertisers receive a record of the total number of impressions and clicks for each advert. They do not receive any personal information. If you click on an advert, we may send a referring URL to the advertiser’s website identifying that a customer is visiting from the website. We do not send personal information to advertisers with the referring URL. Once you are on the advertiser’s website, however, the advertiser is able to collect your personal information.



We may share your personal information with:
  • Other divisions or companies within the group of companies to which we belong (SABJE and King David Schools)so as to provide joint content and services like registration, for transactions and customer support, to help detect and prevent potentially illegal acts  and violations of our policies, and to guide decisions about our services, and communications ( they will only use this information to send you marketing communications if you have requested their services.)
  • An affiliate, in which case we will seek to require the affiliates to honour this privacy policy;
  • Our employees or service providers under contract who help provide certain goods or services or help with part of our business operations, including fraud prevention, bill collection, marketing, technology services ( our contracts dictate that these goods or service providers only use your information in connection with the goods or services they supply or services they  perform for us and not for their own benefit):
  • Credit bureaus to report account information, as permitted by law;
  • Other third parties who provide us with relevant services where appropriate

We may share your personal information with third parties for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations to you among other purposes.


We may disclose your personal information as required by law or governmental audit.

Law enforcement

We may disclose personal information if required :

  • By a subpoena or court order;
  • To comply with any law;
  • To protect the safety of any individual or the general public; and
  • To prevent violation of our customer relationship terms.

No selling

We will not sell personal information. No personal information will be disclosed to anyone except as provided in this privacy policy.

Marketing purposes

We may disclose aggregate statistics ( information about the customer population in general terms) about the personal information to advertisers or business partners.


We may need to disclose personal information to our employees that require the personal information to do their jobs. These include our responsible management, human resources, accounting, audit compliance, information technology, or other personnel.

Change of ownership

If we undergo a change in ownership another entity, we may assign our rights to the personal information we process to a successor, purchaser, or separate entity. We will disclose the transfer on the website. If you are concerned about your personal information migrating to a new owner, you may request to delete your personal information.


We take the security of personal information very seriously and always do our best to comply with applicable data protection laws. Our hosting company will host our website in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. We authorize access to personal information only for those employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities. We implement disaster recover procedures where appropriate.

Accurate and up to date

We will try to keep the personal information we collect as accurate, complete and up to  date as is necessary for the purposes defined in this policy. From time to time we will request you to update  your personal information via email, facebook requests or on the website. You are able to review or update any personal information that we hold on you by emailing us, or phoning us.  Please note that in order to  better protect you and safeguard your personal information, we take steps to verify your identity before granting you access , or making any corrections to your personal information.


We will only retain your personal information for as long as  it is necessary to fulfil the purposes explicitly set out in this policy: unless:

  • Retention of the record is required or authorized by law; or
  • You have consented to the retention of the record.

During the period of retention, we will continue to abide by our non-disclosure obligations and will not share or sell your personal information.

We may retain your personal information in physical or electronic records at our discretion.

Transfer to another country

We will not transfer any personal information across a country border without your prior written consent. OR We may transmit or transfer personal information outside of the country in which it was collected to a foreign country and process it in that country. Personal information may be stored on servers located outside the country in which it was collected in a foreign country whose laws protecting personal information may not be as stringent as the laws in the country in which it was collected. You consent to us processing your personal information in a foreign country whose laws regarding processing of personal information may be less stringent.

Updating or removing

You may choose to correct or update the personal information you have submitted to us by contacting us by email at  or phone on +27 11 480 4723.


We are not responsible for, give no warranties, nor make any representations in respect of the privacy policies or practices of linked or any third party websites.


If you have any questions or concerns arising from this privacy policy or the way in which we handle personal information, please contact us by email at or phone on +27 11 480 4723.