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Vikki Newfield-Davidoff

Vikki Newfield-Davidoff Story

Why is it important for women to practice self-care?What work do you do and why did= you choose this field?

I work as a GP at Blubird Medical with Dr Daniel Israel, and a great team of female doctors, nurses and receptionists who inspire me daily with their dedication and courage, particularly while we are on the frontline of a pandemic. I didn’t ever think I would become a doctor and actually studied a Bachelor of Arts as my undergraduate degree. I was drawn to the biology side of things while pursuing psychology, and while I loved the arts, I knew I wanted to work with people. I was very privileged to study different things I enjoyed, and with medical school I saw the study of the human body as learning Bereishit / Creation – how Hashem created the human body – the myriad of tiny miracles required to make the eye see, the kidneys produce urine, the development of a fetus.

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