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Women Stories

Our Amazing Women Stories

In honour of Women’s Month in South Africa, we have created this supplement to our newsletter to offer you some insightful life hacks in the fields of women’s health, wealth and happiness from Davidians in the know.

We explore wellness and self-care with a personal trainer, yoga instructor, physiotherapist and GP. We find out from women in corporate finance and investing how emotions and money are entangled; how to be financially empowered from a Chartered Accountant and a financial planner and, how to ‘shape the life you want’driven by values not limited by money from an amazing philanthropist and social activist. Finally, we unpack ‘what happiness is’ with a social worker and a Rebbetzin, and talk to women who are figuring this all out by following their passion for the culinary arts.

These pages give space to ordinary Davidian women – wives, mothers, sisters and daughters, who may not be experts, but from whose experiences we can all learn.